I knit pretty obsessively. I’m also very cheap and have not purchased yarn store yarn for a sweater in over 20 years. Between some lucky yarn finds at Goodwill, benefitting from friends’ de-stashing, and unravelling my own creations, I manage to keep myself knitting without spending lots of money. I have purchased many patterns from Quince and Co., which I find hard to resist.

Here are some sweaters I have made this past year:


imageMelissa LaBarre’s “Odetta Cartigan” made with yarn from a Goodwill sweater I ripped out.


imageCarrie Bostick Hoge “Barn Sweater” has been so many other sweaters previously, I cannot remember where the wool came from originally!


Cecily Glowik MacDonald “Abigail Cardi” with a cotton/wool yarn I found at Goodwill. The “no button” design did not work with my substituted yarn and I was going to rip it out but then decided to try a pin. Now one of my favorite ways to wear a sweater!


Knitty’s free “Shapely Boyfriend” sweater pattern by Stephanie Japel, made with some old school Germantown worsted I found at Goodwill.


Another “Shapely Boyfriend”, this time with Peace Fleece I gained when my friend Marcy cleaned out her stash. Note another pin to close instead of buttons.


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